i'm ridorana. she/her. 20's, 5/28/199?. est-timezone, new england. i (still) write balvaan fic, never sleep, think too much about my ship, and love my internet friends very much.

you can find me on tumblr @ skystones, where you can send me anon writing prompts, love, or hate. i also make lots of stupidsilly posts there. lots.

you can watch me on twitch @ rileycoyote, where i scream about video games and have a good ol time being a degenerate. pls follow me, i'm trying to get to 50 followers before my bday!

you can talk to me on discord @ rikey #5575, where i'd love to connect with fellow shippers, readers, and just if you want to chat. (send me a tumblr message first so i know who you are!)

you can support me on patreon @ ridorana, where i will love you forever if you let me write custom fiction for you, or give you one-on-one writing help.